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Rocketship Games @ March Launch

Hi everybody,

Rocketship Games will be at this Sunday's launch. Gotta soak up the good weather---last weekend's PARA launch was a great day to fly, no wind whatsoever, but temperatures hovering around freezing all day and some snowflakes in the afternoon.

It's not all been inventoried to the webstore yet, but we're excited to announce that we're now carrying and will be bringing Sunday a bunch of great kits from Odd'l Rockets as well as FlisKits.

We'll also have our full catalog of motors on hand and a selection of kits as well as hobby tools and supplies. Everything will be 15% off at the launch, and a number of newcomer kits and motors are already substantially marked down in addition to that. If you want to place an order for pickup at the launch, recommended for larger kits as we might not bring it otherwise, please use our webstore and enter the discount coupon 4IHFWWWTAB0J at checkout, then be sure to select "Self-Pickup by Special Arrangement" for the delivery method.

Looking ahead, we will not be at CENJARS' April launch. For those going to MDRA's Red Glare that weekend, come say hi in the vendor area! For everybody else, remember to check out this post asking for help w/ TARC launches in April.

See you Sunday!

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