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March 2023 Scheduled Launch

March, it's here!!! That means it's time once again for a CENJARS launch. Sunday, March 5th, will be the club's scheduled monthly launch.

The weather forecast for this Sunday has gotten better each time I have checked.  Again, we could be enjoying temperatures near or exceeding 50ºF and clear skies — we've been blessed for this winter's launches, haven't we?  Of course, it's early March so there will be winds out of the North (N, NNE, NNW depending on the source) which should keep most flights on the Athletic Complex side of 18th Ave.  Plan your launches accordingly.

Please check out this CENJARS Forum post. Most of the CENJARS officers and several members will not be available for the next (April) launch. However, because it's nearing the end of TARC (The American Rocketry Challenge) qualification season, there will be many students attending the April launch — weather permitting — to get their final qualification flight data. Due to the MDRA Red Glare launch that same weekend, your CENJARS president, vice-president, secretary and others will not be there to help with setup/breakdown and the typical cat-herding to get rockets on the pads and in the air. CENJARS needs YOU to stand up and lend a hand! Charlie will be available and run the launch, but he will need some assistance. You've been to our launches before; the assistance needed is not a difficult and you may even find it rewarding! Consider volunteering and let me or Charlie know on Sunday!

I am hoping to see many CENJARS fliers at the complex on Sunday!

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Eric BecherBrian C.tjkopena

I keep thinking that 50+ F and clear for Jan, Feb and March must have some karma coming to bite us in the ass over the summer. I am deeply fearful the warmer months will be rained out... but we'll see!

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Eric Becher

You had to say something! Everything was going along just fine until you just had to say something. 😫

Now we can expect heavy snow for April and May's launches, and likely a hurricane or two over the summer.


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Tornado predicted *during* the June launch. Watch the rockets fly and they aren't even using motors!

June launch?



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