CENJARS May 2022 launch


It’s time once again for our monthly pilgrimage to the Wall High School Athletic Complex to collectively poke holes in the sky — CENJARS Rocket Launch Sunday, May 1, 2022 is a go. The weather forecast, while still not ideal, should be amenable to our lofty quest. The day should see moderate temperatures and a relatively clear sky. The only concern is the shifting winds through out the period we will be occupying the fields. (See: https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/wall_township)

This month we have May Day, Cinco de Mayo (perhaps, launch a taco or an enchilada), Mother’s Day, Memorial Day (late May but still May) and that other silly nonsense on the 4th. Take your pick for a themed flight.

Charlie now has the “repaired” Pratt launch controller for this launch. New sockets, new 3D printed rear apron for the sockets, and ultra-bright LED. I’d printed and attached labels — 7 through 12 — but I’ll have new larger ones to replace those.

Also, after a stupid mishap wiping out everything done to date, my son Kevin is restoring his demo for a new CENJARS web site. I hope to be able to give you all a URL on Sunday so that you can see where this is going and get your input and feedback. This new site has two things I’ve wished we’d had for a long time — a calendar and a forum. It’s also cognizant of mobile devices — phones and tablets — as well as web browsers which will make the site much more user friendly.

Bring your rockets, your motors, your family, your friends and yourselves, and make this a great and successful launch.

CENJARS April 2022 Launch

Good morning CENJARS,

Tomorrow is the CENJARS April launch and the weather forecast looks good albeit a bit windy.

We will be holding an eggloft competition with prizes and we will be hosting a Scout troop from Toms River. Several people have contacted me about flying with the club as well. I hope you welcome them all and assist them as well as the Scout troop.

I will have eggs and a score sheet for anyone that wishes to attempt NOT making an omelette tomorrow. We will need some assistance to monitor the flights of those competing. The criteria will be simple, time aloft. Those with mobile devices that can setup a stopwatch feature are requested to time competitor’s flights. I may pickup a stopwatch today.

The Scouts have a number of rockets that were donated to their troop and would like to fly them. They will need some mentoring as well. Eric, Joe and myself attended one of the troop’s meetings and have seen their cache of rockets. These are young, grade school age, Scouts and many have not flown rockets before.

I have a little 3D printed token for all CENJARS members that attend the launch too.

CENJARS April launch 4/10

Attention CENJARS fliers,

Next month’s (April’s) launch will *NOT* be held on the first Sunday of the month. It is being postponed to the 10th of April. This is due to a large component of our club attending MDRA’s Red Glare launch event.

The April 10th launch will have two special events:

First, a scouting group from Toms River will be joining us. This group has a number of rockets that were donated to their pack. They will need assistance with choosing motors and readying their rockets for launch. I see myself and other senior rocketeers assisting them. Don’t be afraid to lend a hand as a it’s good experience.

Second, one week after this launch is Easter. In keeping with that, we will be holding an Easter egg loft contest. Prizes will be awarded. The rules are fairly simple.

— You choose a rocket that can loft an egg (a raw egg which makes it much more fun and mess).

— You must fly it on an Estes C6-* motor.

— We will not be judging based on altitude because it would mean every contestant would need to fly an altimeter; however, we will judge on time aloft and, perhaps, closest recovery.

— Eggs *MUST* be returned to LCO/contest judge(s) for inspection. Scrambled eggs are just that, scrambled, as are your aspirations of winning the contest’s grand prize. I hear it’s quite a basket full of fun.

— Don’t fret if your egg is primed for the omelette pan, there will be a consolation prize for the most spectacular scramble.

This should be an egg-citing launch egg-sperience.

See you at the field!

CENJARS March launch postponed to 3/20

I know you are all itching to launch but, once again, mean Mother Nature seems to be playing whack-a-mole with Spring everytime it tries to make an appearance. The current weather forecast is for rain beginning this evening and throughout tomorrow. Mixed with that rain is the possibility of snow and high winds. Sunday has been forecasted to be in the upper 30ºF range but, again, very windy.

Due to these weather prognostications, I am going to scrub Sunday’s launch. We can try again the following Sunday, March 20th.

— Brian

CENJARS January 2022 Launch 1/2/2022

As my first post here as your new Grand Exalted High Poobah of CENJARS, I’d like to say that I hope everybody’s Christmas was chock full of cheer, friends and family, and that Santa left you a plethora of new rocketry stuff under the tree! If he didn’t, you’ll need to fly more old rockets. However, with that thought, our first launch of the year should be this Sunday, 2 January. The current weather prognostication is for rather unseasonable temperatures but those mild temps could be foiled with rain and winds. The theme for the launch will be “NEW” as in new year, new president, new rockets, new resolutions — which will likely already have been broken by the 2nd of January.
I’ll keep my eye on the weather and post a go/no go for launch later this week.