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TARC teams are looking to launch with CENJARS

As you may be well aware by now, the CENJARS April 2nd launch coincides with MDRA's Red Glare.  Your CENJARS president, vice-president, and secretary as well as several members are planning to attend Red Glare. Postponing the April launch is problematic because Easter is the subsequent Sunday.

I have been contacted by several TARC groups and I know Charlie has been mentoring several "TARCsters" too. Charlie had indicated at the last launch that he would like to hold a launch for these TARC rocketeers on the April 2nd launch date because it is their last possible date before their qualification stats and paperwork must be submitted. Hopefully, Charlie will reply here to affirm or refute the April 2nd plans.

If there are any members that could/would attend the April 2nd launch, I'm sure Charlie and the TARC rocketeers could use your help and guidance.

I am just off the phone with the club mentor for the Staten Island Technical High School Rocketry Club. They are planning on attending the April launch to finalize their TARC qualification flights. CENJARS is currently the only viable section for them at this time to complete their qualification flights. The Staten Island Technical High School Rocketry Club TARC team, I've been told, is comprised of about 15 students.

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Eric Becher

While I personally wouldn't mind having the launch postponed, even to late April, I do think TARC is important and we should give it a priority and support the various teams in the area who need to launch on April 2nd (hopefully weather permits). I am already committed to Red Glare (paid fees and have hotel res, etc). I even built a couple of rockets for my Level 1 cert that we can't do at our "home field." If not for that stuff, I would be at our own launch that date.

Now the question - who can step up and help with the set up and launching for that day? Even with Charlie there (if he confirms his attendance), he will be helping the TARC folks and could use another hand.

How about it CENJARS? You can still launch your own, while helping others too.

Thanks to Brian and Eric for their if nothing else, emotional support.  Yes, I will be able to be at the field on 4/2.  And yes, I could use a lot of support.  Most if not all of the TARC flights will be off the rail so that will be busy.  Any help that our club can provide would be greatly appreciated.



I am planning to attend RED GLARE on Saturday only, as I'll drive down, watch stuff until I get tired or hungry, and then head home for the day, which means I will be available SUNDAY to help in any way I can at CENJARS if needed. I'll arrive (hopefully) before noon so there's time for me to help set up.


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