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November 2023

November 2023 Launch Report

Once again, awesome weather! Seems like the closer to winter we go, the better the weather gets. Light winds and sunny skies with moderate temperatures made this day about the best you can have.

Motor totals:

  •   4 – 1/2A or less motors
  •   7 – A motors
  •  15 – B motors
  •  12 – C motors
  •  11 – D motors
  •    6 – E motors
  •    7 – F motors
  •    7 – G motors

Total of 69 motors on 67 flights. (very similar numbers to last month)

So while October was the official Halloween launch, we managed to still hold onto the holiday. There was plenty of Halloween candy flying about, in bowls and flying high! Eric launched his “Zombie” (new from Estes), and there was a flying pumpkin too. While the pumpkin flew to greater heights than expected, it landed a little hard and so the pumpkin was suitable for pie only.

Neil came with his usual assortment of large (for us) rockets. A nice, big Saturn V took off in a cloud of smoke and came down under a lot of laundry. He also few a bunch of others on G77 Redline motors, which are always nice to see. Must be rubbing off as Diptanshu and his TARC team also flew a couple of times on the same motor. Sadly, after the second flight, I think they will need some time in the shop.

Eric also showed up with some eye candy. The golden “Bucky Jones”, and silver “Snarky” both made nice flights. His “Titan Flex” also looked bright with its 3 engines all burning.

Jay had a spectacular, yet unfortunate CATO of his “Go Blue” rocket. I don’t think anyone wanted the roasted m&m’s it was carrying. Yes, another E12 CATO. I suggest anyone wanting to fly E12’s make the alteration I outlined in this CENJARS post. I fly at least one E12 at most launches, including 2 this month, and have yet to have one CATO since I started doing this. Some D12’s also supposedly share this unfortunate trait.

Plenty of gliders also flew in the light winds. Joe K’s Estes “Solo” carried its tube glider to a pretty good altitude. A few others’ gliders meandered about the field impressively. Not easily done, so well done Rocketeers!

And with the end of daylight quickly approaching, we squeezed in as many flights as we could. I also noticed in my pictures that the “golden hour” light yielded some very nice results. Check out the gallery and perhaps you’ll see the difference between the earlier pics and those done in the last hour or so (look for long shadows and brilliant colors).

Probably the most entertaining flight of the day was provided at the expense of a very nice “Flea Market Special” from Don. Sadly, and spectacularly, the rocket was totally destroyed in an effort to drill through the parking lot. It happened to land a few feet behind a very bewildered driver in a nice shiny pickup truck. After searching the skies briefly for more incoming Hamas rockets, he sent his young daughter back into the truck and they sped off as fast as he could. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing him around the field next month. I’m not even sure he knew where the rocket came from, or what we were doing out in the field!

We also held our annual CENJARS business meeting, chaired by President Brian (aka Poohbah). I will post separate minutes of the meeting, but the key point is all current officers were re-elected. A few brief discussions were held on a variety of topics.

Along with the meeting, some refreshments were provided. Thanks to Poohbah for the sandwiches and drinks. Chips and salads were also provided by Eric. Joe Z and several others also contributed plates, desserts, etc. Thank you all!

Finally, Joe from Rocketship Games attended with his new and improved tent (can’t miss that orange color!). Joe treats us well and his attendance is always appreciated. He’s a great source for kits, engines, and some other supplies… plus no shipping when you’re at the field!

Next launch is scheduled for the 3rd of December. Start getting your Christmas rockets ready to fly like a reindeer on too much Red Bull! Will the weather be this warm again? I don’t know, but I do know that you can bring an application (or get one at the field) and cash or check to renew your membership for 2024!

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With regards to the targeted truck, perhaps we should post signs like this one at the parking lot entrances when we are launching.

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Eric Becher

Not a bad idea, liability-wise. I think I have one more sign board hanging around.

At least about 2ft × 3ft. Ideally, one for each of the parking lot entrances.





The board I have is 15" x19" and I have only 1. My paper is 13"x19", but that isn't so critical (can piece it together). I'll look into getting more. They can get expensive for what they are, especially when they are larger.

Today is Election Day. I'm certain that tomorrow, you could pull a few election signs and use them as backer boards for such a sign. They already have wire standoffs that could be planted easily.  They're be great to stick into the ground below the [ROCKETS ➡︎] signs.


If you remember the launch...

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Brian C.
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