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November 2023 Annual Meeting

Central New Jersey Area Rocketry Society

Annual Meeting Minutes

Sunday, November 5, 2023



Attendees: President Brian Schenkenberger

Vice President Jim Zindle

Secretary Eric Becher

Treasurer Tom Brieva



    1. Treasurer - Tom Brieva
      1. Per spreadsheet maintained on Board’s Google Drive:

Revenue received (from memberships) - $865

Expenses (mostly Engines and Wall Kid’s Day fee) - $509

Balance - $1,847


2. Secretary/Membership Officer – Eric Becher

1. Membership

a. Paid memberships at various levels were 42, up from 32 in 2022.

b. There were 116 email address on the Google email list.

c. You may renew for 2024 starting today. Forms online and available at launches. Payment mailed to Treasurer or handed in at launches.

2. Launch Data

a. Some graphs of launch data year to date and comparing to 2022 posted at control table.

b. Data shows a trend towards more launches each month and more larger motors / rockets being launched. This in an indication of the advancing skills of our flyers.


3. President – Brian Schenkenberger

1. (T)ARC

a. Some new procedures and fee need to be worked out. Fee is now $24 per team, per ARC season (June-May).

b. Some ground rules need to be setup so teams are operating safely and not interfering with general Club members’ flights.

2. Club Equipment

a. Discussions among the board have related to new rails, rods, and controllers. Design of rails & rods still under discussion, but we’d like to see at least another 1010 rail and ¼” rod.

b. President Brian has started acquiring parts for the new launch controller. Showed the new chassis. It will operate 24 launch stations. Brian will be the primary builder.

c. Dan suggested new batteries to provide more amps. Not sure that battery amperage is causing recent failure to launch occurrences.

3. Still searching for a new field for an occasional HP location. Delays due to personal schedules.

4. Field Conduct

a. Please keep the field clean! Pick up after ourselves or we won’t be granted the access that we enjoy. The field access is our most valuable asset!

b. Help with setup and tear down is appreciated.

c. Be mindful of the neighboring homes if our rockets go into their yards. Be courteous and polite. If any issues arise, please see Club officers to assist.



1. Introduction of current officers – all are willing to continue to serve

2. Nomination of any other candidates to fill positions – none

3. Show of hands approving current officers continuing – many hands up

4. Opposed - none




1. Thanks to all officers

1. President Brian and his son for work designing and maintaining CENJARS website.

2. Eric for launch reports and launch statistics.

3. Joe Z, Eric and others who contribute pictures to the website gallery.


Meeting adjourned at 1410.

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