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LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 42

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Try Larry:

Larry Weibert (Club Prefect): (716)628-1880

Quote from Ckirlew on March 7, 2024, 7:34 pm

I have been trying to register for LDRS but it only allows Paypal.  Has anyone else had a problem with this?

I'm not 100% certain but I don't believe you need a PayPal account. Using PayPal allows the recipient(s) to get paid via credit card without having to actually process the credit card and needing to adhere to all of the PCI DSS regulations.

Sent Larry an email a few days ago.  No response yet.



BTW, I was just looking at the LDRS pages. They updated the BFR list. Lots more added, including a couple by this guy named "Neil". He seems to be launching french fries at Kermit the Frog for some reason. But he's got a few cool BFR rockets.

Looking more and more forward to this!!🤗

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Attention CENJARS members!

Are any of you going to LDRS in June?

We know of at least 7 CENJARS members that are going. We are trying to reserve some parking spots for us as a group. We are also coordinating other events (i.e. the bbq banquet, and perhaps over dinners). If you plan to go, and wish to gather with "Camp CENJARS," please let us know, and make sure you are registered for LDRS. Post here, or contact Secretary Eric, or through the website contact.

Note: no one is under any obligation to go, or to gather with us if you do, but all are welcome.

For those who have not been to URRG's launches at Torrey Farm, this information was just posted. It has a map of the range. You can see the road on this map and how far back on the farm the launch activities take place. Last URRF, I filmed Neil's and Dan's full-scale Patriot project. To give people an idea of the SIZE of the farm, I filmed my trek from the main road to the parking location. I also measured that trek. It's 1.1 miles! The video is here for your reference. Watch it and you can get an idea of the vast size of the farm.


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Eric Becher
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