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October 2022 Launch Report

October 2022 Launch Report

What a great day to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of CENJARS! Weather was about as perfect as you could hope for. Light winds made for a lot of brave flyers on larger engines and boosters. Lots of good folks in the large crowd. A wide variety of rockets appeared, and some interesting activities occurred. F and G rockets were heard loud and clear across the field. Even the field condition was excellent – no mud, sprinklers, or goose “debris”. It was a busy and long afternoon as we launched almost to 5 PM. Some folks just didn’t want to leave!

Motor totals:

10 – ¼ and ½ A motors

11 – A motors

23 – B motors

30 – C motors

17 – D motors

10 – E motors

  7 – F motors

  2 – G motors

Total of 110 motors on 104 flights (our highest totals this year).

In keeping with the season, there were a bunch of Halloween themed rockets. Many ghosts and goblins, a skeleton, a witch’s hat, and some Candy Corn too… and all of them flew! Charlie’s “Pumpkin Brew” Witch’s hat proved that if not the witch herself, you can at least burn a witch’s hat. Jo Ann’s question of “Candy Corn Anyone?” sewed a deep divide. Some folks hated the mere thought of the seasonal plague, yet the bowl of corn was completely consumed. Josh’s “Frankenstein” was a collection of sewn together parts that came apart at the seams on an F-27. Not quite how Mary Shelly wrote it, but not too far off from the conclusion of the story.

The ”Mass 15-Rocket Launch” was interesting to say the least. Lots of smoke! Most of the rockets eventually got off the pad and headed off in all directions. It was a sight to behold. There are some good pictures and video around that will be posted soon. Good fun! 20 Rockets in a few years?

Also, in commemoration of the occasion, the rocket contest took place with some fine looking entries. 11 rockets were entered, and everyone received at least one vote. In the end there was a tie between youngsters Max and Gopanand taking home some rocket projects to work on. Thanks to Joe Z who donated many of the items in the prize goody bags.

Speaking of goodies, Grand Exalted Poohbah Brian presented us with an ice cream cake, complete with CENJARS logo. The rush to consume it before melting was intense, but tasty. In a word: “Delicious!” Thanks El Presidente! And also, thanks to Joe Z for his personally crafted “15th Anniversary” cupcakes, and to the other folks who pitched in with some sweet treats. We’re becoming a picnic club with a rocket problem!

Statisticians will note the increase of power on the field, probably encouraged by the light breezes. Aside from a few booster flights, there were more than a handful of F & G motors flying, including Dan’s nice looking upgraded Executioner (on an F15), Mark’s Honest John (on a G64, one of his 2 G flights), and Josh’s cool “Toxic Waste” on a F27.

Other items of note on the flying field: There was an appearance by Professor Moriarty and his Flying Machine. The Machine must be attracting attention as the Russians sent up their “Spudnik” to keep an “eye” on it. (did you catch that one?) The force was apparently not with Joe’s Tie-fighter that refused to leave the ground, but his flying “Port-a-John” finally had a movement once we got some fiber into it. (Sadly, it was not flying on a smokey “skidmark” motor) Odd for this time of year, there were a few large Mosquitos around. Under the heading of “you can’t look away” were a few spectacular fails, including a D12 CATO (refer to the Forum article about E12 CATO’s with a similar track record). The crash of the month award goes to Mark’s Goblin, which had beautiful flight that went high and straight into the sky on a G76 Mohave Green motor and came down just as fast ending in a whistling “concrete dart” over by the building. The concrete won.

Pictures and video from the launch day will to be added to the Gallery soon.

Next launch is scheduled for November 6th. We can hope for another nice day, but I recommend also being prepared for the cold November winds with streamers and low flying craft just in case.


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Lots of great pictures and videos are being added to the gallery from this launch. Check them out and keep adding some of your own favorites if you have any good ones. Thanks to those who have done so already. More than a few of them are pretty awesome!

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