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Equipment Management Team

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What is going to keep that from tipping when the rail is leveled and a rocket is threaded on it?

Aside from the person that is holding the rocket in their hands while putting it on, the stakes in the feet.

9 inch nails, not the rock group

Re: 3/16" Launch Rod(s)

Hoping to fly a dragon design rocket(ish) design in May. I committed to 3/16 launch lugs and wanted to confirm pad 12 will / can be setup as so.  I have seen this in the past, but never ventured that far Right as a rule.  Absolutely no political reference intended.

Chris Oliver

NAR 117510

Shit that reminds me, I need to renew my membership.

Hi Chris,


Pads 11 and 12 are usually setup with 3/16th rods.  We have some flexibility in the configuration but this is the most common.


Looking forward to seeing the dragon fly.





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