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April 2024 Scheduled Launch

Greeting CENJARS earthlings,

It's April and that means that it's time for our schedule launch. I am declaring our Sunday, April 7th launch a GO! Earlier weather forecasts were calling for temperatures in the 60ºFs but current forecasts are now low to mid 50Fs. The winds will, again, be from the north, so we will be setting up behind the building. This seems popular due to the concrete patio and the aluminum benches.

CENJARS will be entertaining a large number of (T)ARC teams because they need to get their final qualification flights in before this coming weeks deadline. In response to this increased number of fliers and some issues are prior launches, we are implementing some rules for this launch. If you've ever attended a large launch event, you know that there need to be more order and control to allow all to fly. These rules are not onerous. Before attending this launch, please read these launch rules in the Forum.

I, your grand high exalted imperial Poobah and president, will be acting as LCO (launch control operations) for most of this launch due to the fact that I am still recovering from surgery. This should allow those who may have stepped up for LCO to fly more rockets; I can't. Also, because of the number of additional fliers, the Sunday launch will commence at 10:00. This will give us a few more hours of flight time. We're also back on daylight savings time and the daylight is longer too.

If you can get to the field before 10:00, please help us setup the launchpads and equipment!

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Eric Becher

No egg lofting contest this year?

You mentioned eggs in your "rules" so I thought that was the egg lofting. Besides, there was no mention of it in any of the chats.

If club wants to do an egg loft, we can do it but would we need prizes? We could give the winner an omelet pan and I could laser engrave the CENJARS logo on it! 😛

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