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Launch Rules for both ARC Teams and all fliers!

This Sunday's April launch (April 7, 2024) will likely have a large ARC (formerly TARC) team presence. This is because ARC teams must have their final qualification flight statistics submitted this coming week for consideration. CENJARS is expecting a significantly larger turn out than for the last CENJARS launch(es). The increased number of ARC launches have created some pandemonium on the field and admonition from several club members. As a result, to move things along and generate less friction, we are establishing some simple rules for all members as well as the ARC teams at Sunday's launch.

Due to recent surgery and recovery, I (Brian) will likely be manning LCO (Launch Control Operations) for the better part of Sunday's launch. This should help keep to the rules set forth below. These rules were provided to me by Charlie as he performing the oversight of the ARC teams at CENJARS launches.

  1. All non-ARC flights should be presented to LCO with their launch card filled out to get a pad assignment. Do not go to the pad first!
  2. All ARC test flights should be presented to Charlie with their launch card filled out for inspection and then, presented to LCO for pad assignment.
  3. All ARC qualifying flights should be presented to Charlie for inspection with their launch card and their flight report form filled out.
    • The team names on the launch card and the Flight Report Form must match.
    • All rockets must be returned to Charlie as soon as possible after flight with its egg still in the rocket.
    • The altimeter must not be touched either.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your rocket being pulled from the pad.  You will have to wait for the next launch round.

Brian's (Poobah's) launch rail will be prioritized for use by club members! If there is no demand for it during a launch round, it may be assigned for use to an ARC team launch.

  • Do not modify Brian's launch pad! If you do not know how to change its rails (20mm⇔1010 swap) or other operational aspects, see Brian! As a response to the last launch, slot caps have been inserted in the rail.
  • Black powder motors on this pad will need a modification if Estes-type igniters are used. See Brian before inserting your motor's igniter if planning to fly using Brian's rail.
  • There is a rail-button stop in the rail to support the rocket off the pad. IF your rocket sits too close to or on the blast deflector, see Brian to have the rail-button stop adjusted. Do not prop your rocket up with spent motor casings or other items!

Pay attention on the field!!! At the last launch, there was one injury due to a rocket's failed recovery system. The injury was nothing serious, just a minor scalp laceration; however, such head wounds can tend to bleed excessively. When you hear "HEADS UP" it is for your safety! The best safety practice is to pay attention when rockets are being actively launched and in flight. We realize that prepping your rockets may distract you from other rockets being launched but do your best to follow along. We haven't had to utilize our launch insurance and we'd like to keep that record!

Launch cards should be filled out legibly! Trust me, my handwriting is atrocious too! Personal names, names of rockets, motor(s) designations, and other comments should be printed in a legible fashion. The few extra seconds to fill out your launch card legibly won't hamper your chances to get your rocket in the air. This information is important for LCO launch announcement as well as for Eric when he composes the launch report.

Lastly, Sunday's launch will commence at 10:00. This will give an extra two to three hours of launch time. This should help to give all a better chance to fly their rockets, fly more rockets, and, hopefully, keep all contented. If you can be present to help setup before 10:00, your presence with be acknowledged with a sincere thank-you!

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Eric Becher

An added reminder!!!

CENJARS has small rubbish bins attached to the launch rod pads. PLEASE USE THEM! When you arrive at your pad with your rocket, there many be a spent igniter in the clips. Remove the igniter wires and put it into these bins. I will bring a bucket (a pool chemical bucket) to place at the rails for rubbish. Pickup any rubbish you may see and dispose of it. Do try to pickup the motor plugs near that pads too. I can not emphasize this enough! We are guest on this property! Let's not give the property owners reason to make us unwelcomed guests.

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Eric Becher

I did make a couple of small signs that we can attach to the ARC pads, so folks can look for those. Also a reminder about posting cards to the board before going to the pads.

Quote from Eric Becher on April 4, 2024, 10:46 am

I did make a couple of small signs that we can attach to the ARC pads, so folks can look for those. Also a reminder about posting cards to the board before going to the pads.

Excellent! As I will be doing the crux of LCO, I will assign those submitting their rocket and launch card to me their pad number. Also, I think we need to cease with swapping control cables. I'll get a brass wire brush for the launch too to clean the clips and clip jaws. That should work better than sandpaper.

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