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Super Orbital Transport: What's your opinion?

I completed my Super Orbital Transport yesterday by applying the urethan clear coat with my airbrush.  The only thing remaining is to decide on the retainer and booster's ramjet nozzles.  I 3D designed and printed each in black and silver but I'm not quite sure which color I like best.  Both look good.  So, what's your opinion?


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Zielijo1Eric Becher

Black looks better to my color blind eyes.


Black (matte on the inside of the nozzles) 😏

Silver makes them look "brand new", but black gives it that "it's already been to space" look.

I prefer "weathering", as post-Star Wars (I know you haven't seen it), I went out of my way to give all my plastic model kits a weathered, beaten, been through the ringer look, which I was familiar with as I lived 3 miles from JFK airport in Queens, (Rosedale NY), and had the planes flying over my house every 2 minutes, and I'd see the undersides with their blackened sections from carbon deposits and leaking bits of hydraulic fluid.

I see you like "clean and pristine", but I've always felt that any model is more "real" once it has a few scars.

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