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September 2022 Launch Report

September 2022 Launch Report

Today’s Labor Day weekend launch was warm, but not as baking as last month. Plenty of folks found the shade under the trees or brought a tent. All smart moves! And there was a breeze, which helped comfort levels, but not nerve levels. We kept sending them across the street, but I think we got almost all of them back, but for a skywriter hanging on a wire, and a nose cone stuck in a tree.

Motor totals:

  9 – ¼ and ½ A motors

14 – A motors

28 – B motors

20 – C motors

  9 – D motors

  5 – E motors

  5 – F motors

Total of 90 motors and 83 flights.*

*Plus a few bonus flights of Ken’s hydrogen fueled “Boink” rocket (an Estes kit from a few years ago), which was fun to see. At least his launches didn’t have to be scrubbed due to hydrogen leaks like NASA’s Artemis I.

Everyone came to fly and there was a good-sized crowd. I’m not sure what the official theme was, but everyone seemed to have their own.

There were back to school Skywriters, a few Titans, several engine clusters and boosted rockets, a few goblins getting an early jump on fall, and an entire fleet of mosquitos from the Falcones, somewhat dwarfed by Jim’s Mega Mosquito. Eric and Jo Ann were running with the comic theme with their Batman, Joker, and Pink Panther rockets. Josh was pushing his windy day luck with a few E and F flights, but they looked pretty nice with their bright flames and smoke. Michael also had some nice-looking rockets going high on F motors. Jawn flew his “green monster” with glider a few times, and it was a crowd pleaser. Max’s shuttle made a nice sight as well. It was also Max’s 6th birthday, and he was excited to have a bunch of successful launches today.

There were a few rockets that traced a not so straight flight path. While one was due to a cluster that didn’t fully ignite, a couple seemed to be from a lack of stability. Please remember to ensure your rocket has required nose weight and/or you have checked the flight stability with a swing test if you are unsure. Errant rockets, while amusing to watch (if they are not your own), can be a bit hazardous.

Pictures from today's launch will to be added to the gallery soon.

September 24th is Wall’s “Kids Day America” event, held not far from our flying field. We are currently planning to have a flight demonstration for the public and possibly a make-it / take-it event. If so, we could use a few volunteers to help out.

Next month’s launch will be October 2nd and you don’t want to miss it! It will be CENJARS’ 15th anniversary celebration. We’ll be marking the occasion in a few ways, which promise to be fun and quite a sight.

Details on the above dates and much, much more are on the new website. Event updates will be posted there, as well as forum discussions, pictures, and plenty of Rocketry information. Check it out, and make a free account (look for the “Register” tab, upper right) to post to the Forum and to share you launch pictures. Brian and Kevin did an incredible job getting it going and Brian keeps adding features and refinements all the time.

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