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Scouting Launch Saturday May 13, 2023

CENJARS has been asked to assist Monmouth Scout Pack 22 at Dorbrook Park.  This will be Saturday afternoon from 2:00pm to 5:00pm in Dorbrook Park.  The information is posted in the Calendar where you can call-up directions if needed.

I'd ask that all who can assist with this arrive by 12:30pm.

Charlie, are you available with launch equipment?  If not left me know ASAP so that we can make arrangements to pick it up.

If I understand the scout liaison correctly, the launch will take place at 40º17'46"N 74º08'06"W.  You can Google Earth to familiarize yourself.  It's a soccer field.

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The weather reports look good for Saturday so I will not be able to get to the launch until 1:30 or so.

I can leave all the equipment in the garage if someone can pick it up.  I should be able to take it back.





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AdminEric Becher

I visited the field earlier today. The good news is that much of the field is mowed. Not all, but most.

Looking at the Mapquest screenshot attached:

  • On my Kindle tablet the Lat/Long given puts the location at the small white spot. That is a small field, currently with gates closed, long grass, and surrounded by trees. Bad place for rockets.
  • On my desktop computer, on Mapquest, the location comes up at the larger red spot. This area is fairly wide open and is being mowed today (guy was doing it while I was there).
  • The rest of the fields are about 80-90% mowed. Hard to say exactly where we will be setting up. They do have various sporting events there regularly, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we are launching with other games going on.

Attached are a few other pictures just to give you an idea of how it looks (for anyone who hasn’t been there).


FYI, The model airplane area in the back of the field is pretty nice. Shaded picnic tables, cut grass, porta-john. Too close to trees for us and small parking lot, but it’s a nice spot.


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Charlie - I should be able to pick it up tomorrow, if that works for you. Tonight even. I just have to make sure I can get Jo Ann's car for Saturday (90% certain I can), and she is out right now.

A friend and I biked through Dorbrook back in college days.  I really don't recall much detail about it.

Friday will work best for me. Anytime after 2 PM.

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Eric Becher

Jo Ann says I can have the Outback, so I'll see you a little after 2pm.

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Weather forecast is now less optimistic for Saturday afternoon. Not 100% though, so if the Scouts will be there I think we should too.

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CENJARS was asked to help Cub Scout Pack 22 launch the rockets that they built. Mostly Gnomes, but a few E2X’s as well, plus a couple of others. We launched at Dorbrook Park in Colts Neck, which is a nice big field complex. Weather was cloudy and threatened rain, but it held off for us. The kids, about 16 of them, were enthusiastic and asked lots of good questions. We demonstrated a little bit about rockets and then set to launching theirs, plus a variety of things that we brought. The Scout leaders and parents were well prepared and prepping & reloading went smoothly and quickly. Most of the kids launched at least twice. Charlie even got in a couple of his usual “jokes”. All-in-all, the kids really seemed to have lots of fun. The parents too I think. I know us CENJARS folks did.

Thanks to Brian S., Charlie, Eric & Franz (himself an alumni of Pack 22). Thanks also to the Scout leaders for inviting us, and being so well prepared. We enjoyed the afternoon and hope to see them again, either at one of our launches, or at theirs!

Some pictures are in the Gallery here.

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Brian C.
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