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Q: I'd like to get high power certified. Can I do so with CENJARS?

A: The current answer is No! The CENJARS present launch location is inadequately sized for high power flights.  In addition, it is too close to KBLM, the Monmouth Executive Airport. The FAA would never grant a COA (Certificate of Authorization, also know as a waiver) to launch high power rockets.

The current CENJARS administration is actively seeking suitable sites where high power launches could occur. This does not mean that CENJARS would be abandoning its present launch location; it would mean that CENJARS would have an adjunct location and an alternate launch date for high power. If you want to get certified, CENJARS can help you. There are several alternative rocket clubs where you could fly your certification flight. Keep in mind that these locations are two to three hours or more drive time depending upon where you reside.

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