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Pre-ordering Instructions from

I have received the following information from Joseph at

If you would like to pre-order items from Joseph, he can bring your ordered items Sunday and you'll save money too!

… anybody should feel free to select the "Self Pickup by Special Arrangement" shipping option and just note it's for delivery at CENJARS this weekend. We offer a 10% discount to all purchases made or delivered at the launch. To order online for pickup at this launch, apply coupon code CI9XTJOEBZDB at checkout and be sure to select self-pickup.
We bring essentially our entire catalog of motors to launches. Any motors currently listed as out-of-stock have been restocked this week but the inventory not updated yet (they'll be on-hand at the launch). For kits we bring a random mix from across the range, basically filling a large container. So if anybody really wants a specific kit, they should order in advance using the coupon code & self-pickup.
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