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Painting Spinner

I just thought I'd share:

So for a couple of years now I have been mulling over how to make a device that spins a rocket slowly during and after painting so as to help avoid runs, sags or drips. I typically do this by hand, but that requires standing there for 5-10min spinning the thing on a stick. It also ties up one hand, leaving only one other to do everything else until I think it's dry enough to set down. I was close to building a device. Even saved an old electric can opener from which to build it. But lo and behold, I saw the kind of thing I've been thinking about yesterday at Hobby Lobby. They suggest using it to paint tumblers, like for your coffee or drinks (think custom painted Tervis cups). I decided to try it for a "higher" purpose. Cost: $34.99+tx but a whole lot less trouble compared to me building one.

Below are some pictures. I just used it to prime my SR-71 (which should be ready for next launch). It worked out pretty well. It has a fairly long PVC spindle that is about 20mm dia. (too bad it isn't 18mm). I wrapped it with a paper towel before sticking the rocket on it, which provides enough friction to keep the rocket from spinning on the spindle. The spindle also has an open core so you can insert a stick with a nose cone taped to it (done that already) or for a smaller rocket. It is sturdy and heavy enough to handle typical Estes small and mid-sized rockets. Might even do a larger one if it isn't built too robustly. Wish it was a little higher up, but as you can see, even with the wide SR-71, I made it work by hanging it off the edge of the table. Here is a link to a short video I took so you can see how fast it turns (about 2 RPM). Wish it could be adjustable to go about 3 or 4 RPM, but I think this should work out well. I threw a little plastic wrap loosely over the motor part just to keep it free of paint.


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AdminZielijo1Ken Golomb

Excellent!  Shouldn't be too hard to make different size shafts for other rockets.

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It comes with a foam disk about 3.75" dia, but I don't think many rockets that size can use it unless they are short like a big daddy. Can be cut down though. Could easily adapt larger or smaller pvc pipe or wood dowels to the shaft. Can also extend the shaft for something longer. Maybe support the far end like a lathe tailstock. Doesn't support much weight (rockets are light), so should be easy.

I use a rotisserie motor drive from an old grill.  I also used that same rotisserie drive with a turntable I 3D printed when I made the video of "Green Eggs and Ham" turning.  The rotational speed is comparable to your "tumbler" drive.

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Zielijo1Eric Becher

Nice. I use the stick method outside. Maybe an engineer can make your speed adjustable?. On field modification 😀

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