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Outreach demo launch in Freehold

This morning we held a demonstration launch for the kids at Hope Lutheran Church day camp in Freehold. It was a small field and we were limited in time, but the kids were very enthusiastic and a lot of fun to meet. We launched our planet probes on A, B, and C engines, plus a few nice "small field" rockets. Everything flew well to the cheers of the kids. We also set up a display of larger rockets that we couldn't launch, but the kids enjoyed seeing anyway, and asked plenty of questions about.

Check out a few pictures posted in the gallery under "outreach launches/2022/Hope Lutheran Sumer Camp/July 26, 2022. There is also a link to a short YouTube video from the launch.

Thanks to Brian, Charlie, Jo Ann & Eric for running the demo. Anyone is welcome to attend and help out at these outreach launches. They are always a lot of fun working with the kids and planting the seeds of future rocketeers.

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