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October 2022 Scheduled Launch

CENJARS members,

Even though we just held the September launch, we are already looking forward to the October launch on Sunday the 2nd. This will mark the 15th anniversary of CENJARS. To celebrate the occasion we are planning on the following:

1. Ice cream cake

2. A 15 rocket mass launch

3. A contest to mark the occasion, with prizes

The rules of the contest are as follows:

a.    One entry per person (or for families, 1 for each family member)

b.    The rocket must be built for this event. Kits or scratch built are fine. Any size rocket will do. Ready to fly rockets (i.e. Estes’ Saturn V, Artemis, or Blue Origin molded plastic kits) are not qualified, unless they have been substantially, and safely, altered (as judged by CENJARS President).

c.    The rocket must fly at this event, and be recovered (in any number of pieces).

d.    Judging will be by “secret” ballot. Each person present at the launch (spectators and/or non-members included) may vote for their favorite rocket of the day (one vote per person). What makes it their favorite rocket is entirely up to the voting individual.

e.    Prize packages given to the 1st and 2nd place individuals based on the number of votes received.

f.    In the case of a tie, the finishers may split their prize package(s) at their own discretion.

A display table will be set up for the rockets entered, and where voting will occur. It is also possible that we will choose the 15 rockets to be mass-launched from this table, but if not, we ask that each rocket be flown before we open up the voting.

I know this is short notice, but with some imagination, and a trip to Hobby Lobby, I'm sure anyone can come up with something they are proud to fly and display.


In addition to the festivities, we will likely be hosting a TARC-like event for a local school science program. We do not anticipate this to be a major disruption as they will only be launching a few rockets.


Schedule of events should be something like:

1230 set up
1300 start flying, including TARC
1400 15 rocket launch
1430 all contest flights finished and on display. Voting begins.
1500 Talley votes
1515-ish award prizes

We hope to see you on the field and Good Luck to all.


Have you been inspired by any great ideas for the rocket contest? How about observing the 15th Anniversary of CENJARS? Halloween?

We've been busy here in the basement rocket shop. We have 4 under construction, heading to the paint shop. One I will enter in the contest. Jo Ann is building another. 2 will be Halloween themed. Snarky 2.0 might not make it in time though (Snarky 1.0 is still partly in a tree).

Still plenty of time to build something fun that just might win you a prize!

Uploaded files:
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