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November 2022 Launch Report

November 2022 Launch Report

One of the nicest days for a November launch ever! Warm temperature and a clean (no goose debris), soft field were unexpected for a November launch. Plenty of folks turned out for a picnic and to watch the flights. Unfortunately, the breeze was with us, and that affected the altitudes that we were shooting for.

Motor totals:

  0 – ¼ and ½ A motors

  9 – A motors

17 – B motors

17 – C motors

11 – D motors

  3 – E motors

  0 – F motors

  0 – G motors

Total of 57 motors on 55 flights.

There were a number of firsts this day. A hand full of first-time flights for some rockets, as well as some first-time fliers. Welcome to all, young and old. It’s good to see the Club membership growing.

Charlie couldn’t make it, so there was no Snitch to be first off the pad, but we persevered. Perhaps that was ill advised. A couple of CATO’s, which was unusual for smaller rockets. Jeff flew his Big Daddy until it decided it didn’t want to play anymore and made a nice hole in the brush. Brian C. also punched a hole in the tall grass at the edge of the brush. Eric’s Minions seemed to lack some direction. Maybe we should have gotten a hold of the Snitch to fly it first for good luck, even without Charlie!

But they weren’t all cursed flights. Eric and Jo Ann couldn’t let Halloween go and launched their “Ghost” and “Candy Corn Anyone?” just to make sure everyone saw those treats. Donald flew his “Omloid”, with an egg as payload, a couple of times before he had to switch out the egg for a more flight worthy Alien. A number of Big Bertha’s were flown. Franz treated us to a nice looking “Gemini 12” in recognition of the actual launch on 11 November 1966 with Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin. While that was the last flight of the Gemini program, we hope to see Franz’s nice flying reproduction again. Against stiff competition, Michael won the closest to the launch pad with his “Red Rook Max” that landed nearly on the launch rods. Note: we disqualify Franz’s Red Rook Max, which made an impressive, but short-lived, flame and sound, but barely cleared the launch rod.

In other business, we enjoyed our annual election of Club officers. The current slate was voted back in, for better or for worse. We also enjoyed a “Flying Saucer Sandwich” and soft drinks brought by our injured Poohbah.

Pictures posted in the Gallery.

Please join us for our next launch on December 4th. Bring something to launch that celebrates the holidays!

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