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NAR NSL hotel mishap...

If you recall, there was a mishaps in hotel in Colorado during the NAR NSL event this past spring.

In the most recent Tripoli Report, Bob Brown (TRA President) wrote an article on what happened. Both he and Chris Short ( were on hand. Sadly, you need to be a Tripoli member to read the Tripoli Report, so I'll paraphrase his rather lengthy dissertation.

The title of the report was "It was only a J". In this case, an Aeroteck J250. The motor was in a sustainer of a rocket. The sustainer was taken back to the hotel to re-flash its altimeter. The rocket's owner re-flashed the altimeter with the igniter to the sustainer motor still attached to the altimeter as were two sets of e-matches in *filled* charge wells.

The pressure of the motor igniting in the closed room moved (pushed) one wall outward by an inch and a half which subsequently caused the ceiling collapse. There was also a dinner plate sized burn hole in the floor through the carpeting and the sub-flooring.

The rocket owner was taken to a local hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. Another person in the room managed to escape to the hallway after the motor had ignited.

It only takes a fraction of a secondTo turn your life upside down

If you'd like to read the article, see me next launch.

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Zielijo1Eric Becher

Oh boy! With that kind of rapid pressure build up in the room, they are lucky to have eardrums left in their heads. πŸ™‰ Of course, at the time all πŸ’© was hitting the turbo they were probably screaming for their lives, so with open months, it should have equalized the pressure, saving their ears. Still, an impressive display of physics. And kinda funny, but only because it wasn't me. πŸ˜‚

Learn from other's mistakes. Saves you many trips to the emergency room!

Don’t do this at LDRS

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