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MOAR Ruckettes!

Lesse.... Some more selected rockets that fit onto some photos that were recently built....

First Photo: Zenith II, a (vintage/oop?) Quest kit, my first two-stage rocket, uses 18mm Motors. Had to add some popsicle stick landing legs because the motor hook doesn't allow it to stand on its own. Next to that is my first stab at an asymetrical original design which started life as a "Green Eggs" kit, which sorta looks "Star Trek"-ish, so it has been christianed U.S.S. Blind-as-a-Bat, and I sure hope it will fly and not just spin all over the sky.

Second Photo: Smallest rocket in the photo is my Max-Q Falcon 9, all 3D printed, but not entirely assembled yet. Hoping to finish that up shortly, Next to that a LOC-IV I built, and I'm going to complement myself on the paint job -- I think it came our pretty well. Don't have a good name for that yet. Next to that is an Estes Ventris? that I haven't painted or named yet, and behind that is "Cheap Thrills" which is the LOC-IV I got at URRF for the princely sum of $15, and MoonDog, my heavily modified BMS School Rocket I'd like to L-1 with (or use the LOC-IV I built).

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AdminEric Becher

Did you do the silver on the "LOCy Stripe" or did it come that way? I've had mixed results with silver, but that looks nice.

As for the Ventris, if you don't like the name "Ventris" (whatever that means), how about "Jimmy Durante" for it's big nose. 😂 It's actually not a bad looking rocket. Lots of things you could do with it, paint-wise.

The silver paint is Rustolium "Chrome", and I like how I came out. It's pretty much my first half-decent paint job. As for the Ventris, I bought it specifically for the "big nose"... I think if I painted it Olive Drab and put some military decals on it, it would look like a shoulder-mounted RPG, which is likely how I'm going to finish it. We'll see how that works out.

Just finished up the SpaceX Falcon 9 you nabbed for me. Really quick build, and no paint required.


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Eric Becher

Yeah that F9 is a quick little build. The only thing I did to it was cover the payload tube with a piece of white vinyl sticker to hide the spirals.

Chrome? Cool! Looks really smooth.

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