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Millstone Scouts Launch 2022

CENJARS was asked by the Millstone Scouts to again help them build and fly some rockets. We've done this in the past and it is always fun for the kids, parents, and for us big kids in CENJARS too!

We met the kids at the Millstone Community Center Friday night and helped them build their Estes "Generic E2X" rocket kits. There were about 15-18 kids, most with a parent, and we helped them build the fairly simple kits. The session took about 90min and I don't think anybody glued their fingers to their hair!

The next day, Saturday morning, we met at the Millstone Middle School for the flying part. The kids arrived, in some cases with other family members and parents. A few kids also brought some rockets they had built on their own.

After a brief demonstration of different rockets and motor sizes, and showing the kids how to prep their rockets for launch, we started putting them in the sky. Weather was warm, but winds light and it was good flying weather. Most of the kids launched their rockets a couple of times, ranging from A motors to C motors. We got the rockets flying on A's back. A few of the B's & C's had nice flights, but utilized "inaccessible landing zones" (the school roof and the woods across the street). There were even a couple of CATO's due to blown out nozzles. Is the curse of the E12's spreading to other sizes? Regardless, everyone had a good time, and we got out of there just as the heat of the day was building. We even flew a few of our own rockets up to D12's just to show them some of what we fly at Wall.

Some pictures are posted in the Gallery of the build night, and of the Launch.

Thanks to Brian, Eric, Jo Ann, Evan and Maria for the building help. And thanks to Brian, Charlie, Eric, Evan, and Joe at the launch site. Anyone is welcome to join us at these outreach events. The kids are well behaved and fun to work with. We look forward to seeing them again next year, if not at one of our monthly launches!

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Excellent write-up.  It was a lot of fun today.  Thanks to everyone for making this a great event.

Also, one of the grandmothers said she went to a similar rocket event a few years ago.  It was chaos.  She was incredibly impressed with how well organized this event was.  She left with a big smile.



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Ditto Charlie's commentts.  A good write-up on the past two day.  I love the photos too.

It's nice to see this web technology being used to showcase what we do!

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