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Mercury redstone capsule

After losing my capsule to a tree, I’m building a new capsule. This Estes version isn’t the best fit and finish, I learned that with the first one. I upgraded my model to 24mm motor n apogee fin can. This changed the CG. The second learning was where and how in the capsule to add nose weight. There’s only 2 options, the top of tower and the capsule base. I used fishing lead shot in the tower n added an eye hook in the capsule

i wanted to finish up this project, but it’s easier to paint the tower separately from the black capsule. I painted the tower at 50-53F in January… and then brought it inside. It took 24 hrs for the tackiness to dissipate. At first I thought the paint was ruined after all that fit n finish tuning
good thing I didn’t attempt the super viper paint… could be ruined

Brian C was able to recently paint his rust red max. I’ve seen examples of cracked paint when it’s too cold outside



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Unfinished basement or garage shops are key! Just did some painting a few minutes ago. And last night. And....

My Redstone kit was from Boyce Aerospace. 1-piece 3D printed fin can (nice!) and capsule parts. The capsule has easily accessible volume for weights. Nicely detailed and solidly built. Tower is spindly and delicate, but nothing anybody can do about that. Boyce is not cheap, but for this kit, worth it.

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If you put the lead shot in the escape tower, you will need less shot due to the moment being further from CG; however, if you need too much, the plastic strut work will likely crumple.

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