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Maybe Eric was involved in this???

Engineers Launch Xmas Tree as a Rocket:
Quote from Brian C. on February 15, 2023, 9:12 am

Engineers Launch Xmas Tree as a Rocket:

No but Joe was involved — Joe Barnard that is.

I've met Joe at some HP launch event. One of his biggest engineering efforts has been to employ thrust vectoring in a model rocket.


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No, wasn't me. This is what happens when young engineers have too much time and no productive work to do. They do silly stuff like that.

No fair adding fins and motor mounts as attachments. Mine flew self contained.

But maybe next year....

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FWIW, watch at 2:38 in the video. That is RocketPoxy being mixed and applied, and applied quite sloppily I may add. The fiberglass, especially the colored fiberglass, looks to be sourced from Composite Warehouse. I recently ordered a 2ft section of  red thin-wall 54mm from C/W for the nosecone av-bay in my ARCAS.

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