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May 2022 Launch Report

Finally, a great day for flying! Nice warm weather and light winds were a welcome change. That attracted a good crowd and we had lots of good flights.


Motor totals:

6 – ¼ and ½ A motors

12 – A motors

20 – B motors

17 – C motors

18 – D motors

1 – E motors

4 – F motors

Total of 76 flights! So many in fact that we ran out of flight cards.


A number of rockets were vying for closest to the pad. Some were vying for closest to the Launch Control Officer, but they missed Tom “by that much!” Dan’s “Satellite Killer,” an interesting collection of fins and tubes, didn’t kill any satellites, but nearly landed on my table. There were also a number of Flip-flier helicopter flights that generally went well. A few patriotic rockets such as Benjamin’s “USA Flag” and Alexis’ “USA Orange” flew well and repeatedly.


Keeping with the “May the 4th” theme, there were some Star Wars inspired flights. Eric and Evan held a lightsaber duel with their Skywalker and Kylo Ren lightsaber rockets (based on Estes’ Red Nova kits). After a Skywalker failed start, Kylo Ren won the drag race. The dark side of the force is strong with that one! (If lightsabers aren’t your thing, see Brian’s outstanding version of the Red Nova, which flew as well as it looked). Later on, Charlie’s Death Star took flight, followed closely by an X-Wing. Both landed in pieces, but will do battle another day!


High fliers and Extreme fliers and many other great fliers took flight. A wide variety of other interesting flying objects were seen, including planet probes, a shuttlecock, something made of toilet paper tubes (didn’t get too high, but the flames were pretty), a boosted rocket, and even a flying phone booth, although anglophiles and Dr. Who fans will tell you the TARDIS is not a phone booth! A really nice day of flying in near perfect weather!


Next launch is currently scheduled for June 5th. As the weather gets warmer, start getting your shade tents ready!

Uploaded files:
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