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March 2023 Launch Report

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Eric, before you and Poobah saunter off to Red Glare, I remember you posting the Egg-Lofting Spreadsheet here someplace and now I cannot find it.... Hoping to print out a few sheets this week so that I am prepped and ready for one (50% rainy) day at MDRA and one (sunny) day at CENJARS, as per current forecasts.  As is my habit for any adventure where I know I won't be ready, I'm trying to over-prepare and get all my CENJARS stuff ready on Thursday or Friday because I know I won't have time when I get home Saturday night.

Anyhow, re-attach if possible and I'll actually download it this time (I looked in my downloads folder too, not there, maybe I dreamed the whole thing?) anyhow, let me know.

I sent that to you via email. I'm resending right now. Reply to my email so I know it was received.

Quote from Brian C. on March 24, 2023, 9:28 pm

Eric, before you and Poobah saunter off to Red Glare, …

Saunter? Packing and readying for a large rocketry event like Red Glare is anything but a saunter. 😉

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