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Level 2 flight and BARC

So I was ready for my Level 2 certification flight and weather didn't cooperate for flying down at MDRA. This past Saturday it was pretty nice, and they were having a launch at BARC (Bridgeton Area Rocket Club) down in south Jersey. BARC has a good size farm field, but they fly irregularly due to Presidential security issues (believe it or not). That's a differnet story. A few folks from CENJARS are also members of BARC, plus we've met others at MDRA launches and other places. Poohbah was kind enough to come down to be a witness for my flight.

The flight went well. The landing, not so perfect. The rocket, carried by high winds aloft, settled into a nice high treetop. 😑

Long story short, at the end of the day the homeowners were kind enough to help me retrieve the rocket with the help of their young friend, who climbed some 40-50ft up to get it. I was very grateful for theirΒ  willingness and daring! Some minor damage from pulling the rocket out of the branches, but very much repairable, and it will fly again. (I hope at LDRS next month)

So after that flight, Jo Ann and I stayed and got in a few other flights, which all went off perfectly. It was a nice day of flying, but for that one hiccup.

In the Gallery are some pictures of my, and a few others' rockets. Even my 2 biggest pirate rockets took sail! Brian videoed the L2 flight and posted that too. Turn your sound way up for the full affect of liftoff!!

BTW, the engine was a CTI J244. The rocket reached 3,556ft at maximum speed of 368mph. It came down with duel deploy - drogue at apogee, followed my the main at about 600ft. Here is the graph of the flight data:

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Brian C.

Ha, I was just going to say that unless the parachutes were fighting one another, it's dual deploy.

Reminds me of when I was helping a friend shop on craiglist for a used car for his mom -- she lived in the Florida panhandle, in a trailer. All the ads on craigslist from her area were essentially put up by functional illiterates. One of my favorites was "breaks good" -- what did that mean? Maybe the brakes were good or maybe the car was so prone to failure that when something goes wrong it's still OK?

But I digress...

Quote from Brian C. on May 14, 2024, 6:07 pm

Ha, I was just going to say that unless the parachutes were fighting one another, it's dual deploy.

I created that graphic some time ago because of the number of times I read duel deployment, especially in FB rocketry groups. I should get it printed on a T-shirt.


I saw the sword graphic, but I didn't connect it to me having used the wrong word. 🀭

Well, what do you want? I'm a sailor, not a rocket surgeon! Sailors don't spell complete words. We say things like "Bos'n", "Cap'n" and "Foc'cle." So making me write things is really unfair!😩

(I'd go back and fix it, but then nothing else would make sense, so I'll leave it up.)

OH, and way to focus in on the point of the post! (🀬 grammar police!) Your congratulations well received.πŸ˜’



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AdminBrian C.
Quote from Eric Becher on May 14, 2024, 6:59 pm

Well, what do you want? I'm a sailor, not a rocket surgeon! Sailors don't spell complete words.

Don't feel so bad.

If you get "Sport Rocketry" Magazine, May/June 2024 issue, page 29:

ArizonaRocketFactory's ad says "Unique duel parachute recovery" -- and this is in a printed publication.

Apprently, nobody can form english sentences.Β  πŸ™

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Eric Becher

Yeah, and I saw another one somewhere else in the issue, but forget what it was. No proofreading or editing anymore like there used to be. Too much reliance on spell check. The dumbing down of society aided by computers and cell phones!

I wonder if they said that back in the 1400's when the printing press was invented. "What, no more hand illuminated books written by monks over several months that only the rich can afford? The world is going to poo!!". πŸ˜‚

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