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July 2022 Launch Reports

July 2022 Launch Report


Happy July 4th! If you missed it yesterday, you missed a great day of flying. We had a good crowd, with folks that came from as far south as Florida, as far west as California, and as far east as Norway! From the north, I don’t think we had anyone from further than Manhattan, but we’ll work on that. It was busy at the launch pads. As Brian’s t-shirt said, we burned a lot of money.


Motor totals:

8 – ¼ and ½ A motors

16 – A motors

25 – B motors

21 – C motors

17 – D motors

10 – E motors

6 – F motors

Total of 100 flights!


We started off paying homage to a lost hero of the past - Charlie’s lost Snitch, lost at a recent Scout demonstration launch. Actually, not really lost (we know right where it went) just not retrievable without a large chain saw. But it was replaced with a new, young and bright Snitch, which started off the proceedings in our customary fashion.


In keeping with the theme of 4th of July and Independence Day, there were many patriotic American themed rockets flying with names such as Independence Day, USA, American Viking, Tazz (American Edition), Captain America, Patriot, Citation Patriot, LOC Patriot, and Patriotic Doorknob, not to mention that American institution: a flying Nathan’s hot dog (keep Joey Chestnut away). They generally flew in fine American tradition!


Dan’s rocket from last month is still flying around somewhere over Utah, so he entertained us with a variety of glider and helicopter flights, as well as other larger rockets. Quite a few rockets were flown that are designed to come apart for freefall recovery. A number of rockets NOT designed to come apart were also seen. (remember to check your shock cords and tag lines!)


We also tested fate with a bunch of E12’s. For those who attend regularly you will recall that we had a few CATO’s from E12’s this year. I don’t know if Estes fixed their problem or we’re just getting luckier, but 7 out of 7 flights went well. One was a test that Eric performed using an E12 that he added epoxy to the nozzle end of the motor to help retain it better (if you try this, keep the nozzle hole clear). Check the forum for more info on this soon.

There were a few larger E and F flights too. A difference that you can see and hear! Nice loud rocket roar and bright flame, and thick smoke trails mark these engines that are fun to watch. And if you stayed to the end, you saw Ray’s “Comanche–3” fly very, very high on 3 stages. A couple of them he got back! All-in-all, it was a great day out on the field and a lot of new, fun rockets and flights.


The next launch, currently scheduled for August 7th, will be our annual picnic. Details will be forthcoming, but it is always a nice time.

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I have also posted some pictures from the launch in the gallery. Check out Ray's Space Shuttle Glider! Very cool Ray!! A few other pics some may like.


If you have any good pictures, please feel free to add to the folder.

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