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February 2023 Scheduled Launch

Greetings CENJARS,

It's time again for our scheduled launch, this time the February launch. Happily, the weather forecasters are calling for a warmer day... a warmer day than Saturday! Brrr! The day should see mid-40ºF but windy from the southwest.  Nothing new there as our launch location always seems to be windy. Plan your flights accordingly.  Streamers in lieu of parachutes are the best bet when it's windy. Mid-40ºF temps mean dress warmly for the extended period we will be outside. Layers and, if you have them, thermal undergarments will help keep you comfortable at the field. While the weather isn't ideal, we really can not postpone the launch to the following weekend because I've been told too many members want to watch the stupor bowl.  Fly Eagles Fly! 🤪

Rocketship Games will be on-site to sell you rockets, motors and reloads. Cash and/or cards are accepted.

Just a reminder too, if you have not yet paid your yearly membership fees, bring a completed membership form, and cash or check. Everything you need to know can be found here!

Keep your spirits up despite Punxsutawney Phil's prognostication today. If weather forecasters can't get it right, what makes people think a rodent has a better chance?

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Eric Bechertjkopena

I have one "emergency" streamer that I've built. And it's for a smaller-size (BT-55) rocket. If it's exceptionally windy at the field, I'll undersize my parachutes -- so in other words, if I normally used a 17" chute, I'll swap in a 15" or a 12" and hope that's enough. Not worried about a broken fin or two, I just want to get the rocket back! I will bring my 24" chute for Queen Bertha, but my guess is that I'll be swapping that for the 17".... but we'll see what it's like once I start unpacking.

While I can layer up, I'm concerned about my fingers, so I'll bring those hand-warmer thingies that you have to shake to activate.

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Generally speaking, animals (including your larger rodent family) are more sensitive to barometric changes than humans, so they are in fact better at predicting weather than your average TV weatherman or weather woman, who only knows how to read a teleprompter while pointing to a map. Our main problem, Dr. Doolittle aside, is that we don't speak their lingo, so we don't understand when they tell us rain is coming. Spoiler alert: Those overdressed rodent butlers out in Punxsutawney don't actually know what that varmint is telling them. After being woken up and dragged out in the cold in front of the media horde, I can assure you that whatever he's saying, it is not about the weather!🤬

I will also have membership renewal forms at the field that anyone can fill out on the spot. I have a handful of membership cards for those who have already renewed. Please see me on the field to pick them up. Show your card at Hobby Town in Toms River for a discount equal to the tax on purchases.  They are:

  • David W.
  • David S.
  • Jashua
  • Jay
  • Stas
  • Niel

Cry Eagles, Cry! 🦆

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"I want to cry like an Eagle... to the sea, Cry like an Eagle let my future carry me... I want to cry like an Eagle, 'till I'm free"

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