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Equipment Management Team

Hello Rocketeers,


I am "launching" an Equipment Management Team forum.  I hope to be able to bring our equipment and the management of it to a higher level of quality.  I also hope that it will bring a little more fun to the process.  By having more members involved in the process, we should get more timely improvements, more ideas, and better care of the equipment.


What I am envisioning is we get together about once a month to do maintenance, and new toys, and plan new stuff.  There will probably be some shop talk.  Probably a lot of shop talk.  I think the 3rd Saturday or Sunday of the month would work best, but that can be part of the discussion.  I'm also offering my garage/house/basement for doing the work since the equipment is already there.  Other locales maybe appropriate depending on the work that needs to be done.


Please subscribe to receive notices on this new forum.  You won't be automatically subscribed.  Subscribing doesn't obligate you to participate.  You can do it just to stay informed or maybe make a request for some equipment changes.  Here's a link to the new forum.  Hope to hear from you over there.


Charlie Kirlew

Toy Master (Equipment Manager)


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Zielijo1Eric BecherKen Golomb

Happy to help. Equipment maintenance off the field w snacks n adult beverages

sounds good to me

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