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Digital Level

My digital level, which I use with my HP pad, did not make it home from the last launch. It looks very much like the attached photo; albeit, the brand name is different. It might have gotten tossed in the bins with the club's stuff.


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I did a quick look in the club equipment and didn't see it.  I plan to re-organize all of the equipment this weekend.  I will let you know if I find it.



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I've already ordered a replacement.  They're not too pricey, about $20.  The wonders of electronics miniaturization.

I have an app on my iPod (I don't have a smart phone, but I have one of those) that includes a bubble level. Not sure how accurate it is, but I think it's in the right ballpark.

The small digital level is what I use to insure that the table saw's blade is at the correct angle when I do bias cuts.

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