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Club Equipment Update

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Poobah wrote:

"FWIW, I'm still in favor of CAT cable. "


Just a quick issue to point out with standard CAT5 is that the connectors are usually made from brittle plastic, which is likely to become more brittle after lots of UV exposure, which tends to make the little plastic clips that securely hold them in tend to break. We're not exactly treating the equipment with kid gloves. We need a solution that is robust, and can take a little abuse. While ungainly, cable TV coax is built to operate outside, in all kinds of weather. I'm not championing that as a solution, I'm just pointing out that you may need something more.... industrial strength than CAT5.



Haven't seen any other responses about getting together to make some solid plans.  I'm sure food and drink will be involved.


As to the jawstand tilt, the ground isn't always level.  A simple solution is to wedge the legs a little.


Solid food and solid plans.  I'll drink to that!

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If I’m around, count me in as a pair of hands, DJ, bartender

Quote from Zielijo1 on September 19, 2023, 5:16 pm

If I’m around, count me in as a pair of hands, DJ, bartender

I thought you couldn't post?

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