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Christmas is coming!

So Christmas is coming. Is there anyone else out there who, like myself, took advantage of last years' Estes Christmas sales? And did you get their much ballyhooed "free rocket"? AND... did you also get nothing but the same "rocket." Not just any rocket, but the worst (in my stupid opinion) "rocket" they have made in recent years? Namely the Mars Leaper! That thing is so horrid, they have to give them away!! So now what does one do with it (or THEM, as I have a couple unwanted "dude-in-a-chair" thingys)?

Here is my Christmas project. I know I am not the only one to "fix" this mistake of a product. Who else has done something good with it? (burning in a bonfire does not count) Or do you have anything else that you've made just for Christmas?

I still have another (God help me), and another holiday idea for it, but that's a few months away yet.

(Thank goodness I didn't get sent one of those Blue Origin RTF rockets (another Estes white elephant), cause there is only really one good thing to do with that, but it would probably get me banned from our local family oriented Club.)

And if anyone recalls my and Jo Ann's Christmas rockets from last year, I have made some changes to them, which I hope improves their flights. Come out to the field and find out!

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That's an interesting re-dress of the "leaper", if only Estes had thought of that, they could get rid of the rest of their inventory. As someone who once had a warehouse of CDROMs I couldn't get rid of, I can tell you it's cheaper to order someone to dispose of your unsold inventory than to continue paying for storage, and then write off the unsold stock as a loss. Unless Estes owns the warehouse they are in, and has the excess space to continue to keep them, they are better off setting the stuff on fire at this point.


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