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CENJARS 15th Anniversary

October marks the 15th anniverary of CENJARS.  I think we should do something to recognize this milestone.

If you have any ideas, please post them here for consideration.

One suggestion was to simultaneously launch 15 rockets.  That might be fun but …

  1. we don't have enough pads to do that, and …
  2. we're often struggling to get single flights to launch.


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Eric Becher

Our pad has up to 12 rods. Some of us have our own stand alone rods that could augment those. Some of us also have Estes single launch controllers. So it would be a coordinated effort. Or we could launch them in rapid succession instead of simultaneously. Have a few extras on standby in case a couple don't take off.

Joe suggested a build contest using the CENJARS stickers I had made up. Could run that, or any similar contest, as well.

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I like all the ideas!  I have a bunch of Make-it Take-it kits that we could do something with.



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Eric Becher
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