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August 2022 Scheduled Launch and Club Picnic

Will you be attending this launch?
Yes, I wouldn't miss it.5 Votes · 100.00%
No, I can't make it.0 Votes · 0.00%
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CENJARS will hold its scheduled launch Sunday, August 7th, 2022.  This launch also features the club's annual picnic.  All members are encouraged to bring a food items to share.

See you at the field! Wall High School Athletic Complex, Wall NJ

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Eric Becher

sorry we can't be there, we have a wedding in ohio

"A food items" ?? (Ok I'll stop being a PIA)
Is the plan to do the Wegman's sandwich thing again??  Please let us know of any specific items needed.

Don't trust the weather report....rain tends to just magically disappear on the radar these days.
I am planning on bringing my special project out to the field on Sunday.  Hopefully it will cooperate....(and it doesn't like rain.)

The August 14th would not work for me....conflicts with the infamous Coastin By the Ocean rollercoaster event down in Wildwood.  (Which means it definitely will rain that weekend.)


Assuming the weather cooperates, Jo Ann and I will be there. We'll bring a bowl of pesto pasta salad to share. Maybe a few cookies if I can get my act together. Oh, and a few rockets too!

If the weather doesn't cooperate and we postpone the festivities to the14th, we'll have to miss it.

Me, my Dad (John), my husband Greg, Lucas, and Christian will be there!

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Sorry for the late tally regarding the picnic attendance. we have 7 coming on Sunday, keeping our finger crossed on the weather. We will bring a hearty macaroni salad.  Mike Sr.