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August 2022 Launch Report

August 2022 Launch Report

The August launch was a hot one! And not in a good way. The heat may have affected how long we were willing to stay on the field, but there was plenty of good fun and launches to be had anyway. This was also our annual picnic. Good food and good rockets were the theme of the day! (Along with drinking plenty of water.) Thanks to all those who contributed to the picnic. All good stuff!

Motor totals:

4 – ¼ and ½ A motors

15 – A motors

24 – B motors

8 – C motors

10 – D motors

3 – E motors

2 – F motors

Total of 62 flights!


There was a bit of wind, which had a definite affect on flights. Not too many were brave enough to launch with the larger engines, but the wind was welcome in cooling us down a little, so no one really complained. Those that did brave the upper reaches of our air space did so at their peril. Many rocketeers went for walks across the street, and a couple of rockets even got a little wet. Many smaller mosquitos, and Alpha III’s were seen. Exception: Jim’s mega Mosquito bucks the small trend, but it flew well.

Jeff launched his nice Falcon 9 on a D20, and it flew well. He then tempted fate and the wind with an E20. Unfortunately, Jeff forgot to put Space X’s landing barge in the pond. I understand it was last seen going under for the 3rd time.

Crowd favorites included Charlie’s “Richter Rector” and “Death Star.” John and the kids flew a nice-looking “Blue Bird Zero.” There was Dante’s “Mean Machine,” which flew high and straight, thankfully clearing the ponds. Gosia flew a nice-looking rocket, “The Shadow.” Michael was brave enough to fly his 2-stage Green Beacon, but he was respectful of the wind and kept it on B engines. He still had a walk, but I think all parts were retrieved. Liam’s 3D-printed, 2 egg payload “Galaxy” flew twice, both times as nicely as its spacey paint job looked. And the eggs survived too! And finally, Eric’s “Titian Flex” was a little stubborn at the end of the day. Trying to fly on 3 A8 engines, it just didn’t want to go despite multiple attempts and some serious trouble shooting by several Rocket Scientists. Charlie finally got it going (on 2 out of 3 engines) by changing the ignition wires to #11. Mysteries of the universe still exist!

Charlie also picked up the gauntlet of another challenge. Eric’s rocket cookies were tasty enough, but a question remained: Would they fly? Never shying away from a tasty problem, Charlie went to work on the matter and cooked up a plan. A little tape and a planet probe later, 2 cookies flew surprisingly (to the crowd, not to Charlie) well, but took a hard landing that the cookies didn’t survive. It was a half-baked idea that rose to the occasion, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Thanks also to Hobby Town of Toms River, who set up a tent full of rocket goodies for sale. The tent was well patronized, so we hope they will come back again from time to time. And don’t forget they offer CENJARS members a discount (equal to the sales tax) to members who show their card at the Toms River store.

Check out the photo gallery for some nice pics, including a group shot taken near the end of the day. If you have any good pics, please feel free to add to the gallery. Make an account on the Club’s website and you can post pics, comment in the forum, and stay in touch with the Club’s activities.

Speaking of which, we have been asked to help the Scouts in Millstone with a build and flying event. Always fun to help the kids build their rockets and fly them the next day. Dates are August 19th (evening build) and August 20th (morning flights). Alternate dates are August 26th and 27th. See the Calendar page for details. For questions, let Brian know (the contact page is working).

Next launch is scheduled for September 4th (Labor Day weekend). We hope the weather will be cooler, so come on out and fly to celebrate back to school!

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All we need is Cookie Monster to fly

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Hi all - indeed, I tempted fate and lost.  🙁

But here is a link to the video from the first F9 flight with the D20:

Also, here is a link to the video from the Flight of Ray's "Flash":



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