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A large lot of rockets for sale at discounted prices

Some know this story, but for those who don't let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

So I happened to come across a post somewhere from a man who was selling his entire lot of rocket kits and such. It was a very large "pile of stuff". After more than a month of discussions, I bought the lot and have re-sold some of it to some folks who were also interested from the beginning. I now have a bunch still remaining. All good kits in good condition, but too much for one person. As of this post, there are 174 kits still for sale, plus a few other bits and pieces (fin jigs, tubes, posters, etc).

So I am offering it to CENJARS members. I have priced it at about 60% of retail (as best I can determine the retail prices). This is very close to what I paid for the lot, and I am not looking for a profit. We (the original group) were just looking to take advantage of an opportunity to buy good kits at good prices. And we did the man the favor of taking it off his hands.

I have posted the list of kits and other miscellaneous parts that are currently available. Many of these kits are no longer in production ("oop"). Pricing all of this was not easy, and it's not perfect, but I did the best I could. The list can be viewed in a shared google spreadsheet here:

You should be able to look up all of them online and see pictures and other information by doing a search of the kit name and brand. It's just too much for me to do so and post.

At the top of the Rocket Kits tab are instructions if you would like to buy something from the list. I will also try to bring SOME of the stock to launches as I can. It is too much for my car, but I'll do what we can. This will likely be a long process, so you'll see my table with kits for some months ahead.

Also please note that I currently do not plan to bring them at the same time as Rocketship Games is there, unless Joe wishes me to do so for his own curiosity. I have no desire to compete with Joe, as he has been a big asset to the Club, and is a friend that is running an actual business. I just fell into this and once it's gone, I'm out of rocket sales. Also, Joe is aware of this, and is also being given the same opportunity to buy some he may like, either for himself, or for his business.

I also ask that you don't repost this, or the list (which has my email on it) to any other rocket websites. I don't want to be hounded by folks asking for further discounted prices, and shipping all over the country. If you know someone personally who might be interested, and is willing to pick them up, feel free to send the information & link to them.

Thanks, and happy shopping!    -Eric

Quick update - A bunch of kits have already sold. I've been keeping the shared list linked above as current as I can (found one mistake earlier today). So if you see something you like, please let me know so I can pull it for you before someone else does.

Also - at Joe's urging, I will be bringing some or all of this to the launches, even when RocketShip Games is there. Joe graciously encouraged me to do so, and explained that it means he can bring other kits that I don't have, so no problem with competing. I'm not sure I can bring all the kits at once (still have over 100 of them) since my car doesn't defy the laws of physics the way Joe's does, but I'll try to bring what I can.


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If you still have that other Estes Vagabond, I might take that off your hands. I have waaayyy too many already. But I'm always curious about any 24/29mm kits that might still be available. But, we can talk, and for me there's no rush.

Sorry, but no Vagabond anymore.

The list on google docs is up to date:

There are still some 24/29mm kits there.

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