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2022 Launch Data

For all you statisticians out there, here is the monthly launch data for the year in table and graph form. What flies each month is heavily dependent on weather, but I think I see a trend towards more launches and higher power motors. I believe this is in part due to an increasing attendance at launches. A good thing. Keep it up!

BTW, this information is taken from the launch cards that we fill out. Please keep filling them out for each and every launch you do. Don't reuse cards from a prior launch of the same rocket, or the count won't be accurate. (Definition of a launch is when the rocket leaves the resting position it starts from, under its own power, or it actively tries to do so - even if it never fully leaves the rod, or does so in an unintended number of pieces.) I also use the launch cards when writing up the launch reports and I'm trying to remember who launched what rocket. Not to mention the flight control officer needs to know who and what they are launching. I know it can be a pain, but the cards are very helpful to us.

Uploaded files:

Hey, that looks great.  I'll try to get code together before you do 2023's stats. With the Google Graphs library,  those graphs can be more dynamic like mouseover for actual values, etc.

BTW, club member stats (ie. how many fliers at the launch) would help with visualizing trends in the analysis.

It would be interesting, but attendance numbers requires sign-in or counting or something at launches. Might become too complicated to make it accurate. We can see if it correlates to paid memberships, but I have no data before 2022, so it will take a couple of years or so to show something. A correlation to weather would also be interesting, but again, complicates things and will require longer term sampling to be relevant.

I'd just count the unique names on the flight cards for simplicity.

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