Successful SpaceX Launch!

Way to go SpaceX and Cape Canaveral. Watch the launch HERE.

CENJARS February launch cancelled

Sorry Rocketeers,

There’s rain in the forecast to start around launch time. Next Sunday doesn’t look any better. No one responded with an interest in doing the club build so the launch is cancelled for February. Let’s hope March is better.



CENJARS February Launch

Hello rocketeers,

It’s time for our February launch, this Sunday 2/4 at 12:30 PM. The weather reports are changing for the better. We’ll keep an eye on it and make a decision as soon as we can. If the weather does turn bad, do you have a preference for a club build session or postponing to the next Sunday?

The theme for this month is Valentine’s Day. Fly something red or bring a soulmate to the launch. If you want to celebrate the Super Bowl, how about flying a football?

Looking to the future, we have the AMA Expo February 23-25. There’s an Innovation Fair for the West Windsor-Plainsboro schools in May.

And looking a little farther into the future, July 20th 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary for the moon landing. We are planning to do a big event for that one so mark your calendars now!

Happy flying,

Charlie Kirlew

CENJARS January launch changed to club build


Oh, the weather outside is frightful. The weather reports call for a high of about 21 degrees with the possibility of extra snow on the ground. Next Sunday doesn’t look good either. Instead of having a launch, we’ve decided to work on our club build project. We have centering rings and fins to build as well as some work on the RockSim file. If you want, you can also bring your own rocket to work on.

The build session will be at my house. Contact me directly for the street address.

Happy flying,


CENJARS December 2017 Launch report

CENJARS December 2017 Launch Report

What a wonderful day to launch a rocket or better yet, 67 rockets! The temps were in the 50s and the winds were light to nonexistent. With such light winds, the A motors were scarce, and the larger motors were the norm.

A few of the notable flights were Dan’s gliders, one of them being a disk that flew very nicely. Brian had a new toy that runs a video camera to track his rocket. It worked fairly well but could use a little tweaking. As part of the December tradition, Charlie launched his Christmas tree on an E motor. No reindeer were hurt on this flight. With just a little bit of peer pressure, Brian also launched Hermes the Elf. Hermes returned to earth safely but had no comment on future flights.

One interesting note, we had at least 3 different Crossfire rockets launching this month. Should we do some drag races with them?

Next month’s theme – New Year, new rocket. What in your build pile?

We had a total of 67 flights and burned 72 motors!

9 – A motors
19 – B motors
33 – C motors
2 – D motors
3 – E motors
5 – F motors
1 – G motor