January 8th Model Rocket Build


The weather report for Sunday is not looking very nice. With temps in the low 30’s and strong winds making for uncomfortable wind chills, we are switching to Plan B. We discussed the option of doing a club build at our annual meeting. This seems like a perfect time to do it. We have a 4 foot tall crayon bank that can be converted to a high power rocket.
The plan is to do most of the design work in this session. I have RockSim so we can use that to fine tune the design including determining the motor size. In addition to the club build, you are welcome to bring your own kits to work on. This is a great time to discuss plans, techniques, options, electronics, etc.

Please contact me for location if you plan to attend. The time will be the same, 12:30 – 3:30 or so.

Happy building,

Charlie – info@cenjars.org

Next Launch November 6th and Officer Election

Hello rocketeers,

It’s time for our annual meeting. Yes, we are going to hold it in November per our by-laws. We will be electing our club leadership for 2017. With that in mind, I need to know if you are interested in running for one of the positions of the Executive Board: President, Vice President, Senior Advisor, Secretary, Treasurer, Range Safety Officer and Webmaster. All nominees for office must be members in good standing of the Central New Jersey Area Rocketry Society.

We will meet at Attilio’s in the K-Mart plaza just East of our launch site at 12:30 on Sunday 11/6/2016. The pizza or other food will be covered by the club. We will have our regular launch following the meeting.

Please let me know:
1- If you are interested in one of the Executive Board Positions.

2- If you will be attending the annual meeting.
Please let me know by Tuesday November 2nd.

Happy flying,

Charlie Kirlew


October Launch Report

CENJARS October 2016 Launch Report

For October we were again faced with inaccurate reports from the meteorologists. What looked like a bad weather day turned out to be okay. We were able to get quite a few launches in and had a great time with the Spot Landing contest. Congratulations go to Brian and Tyler for getting close to the mark. Brian was using a Planet Probe and had to up the power to a C motor but he to about 15 feet. Tyler lowered the power on a borrowed Fat Boy to get close as well. Stay tuned for more contests in the future. 10 – A motors 9 – B motors 7 – C motors 3 – D motors 0 – E motors 0 – F motor November will be our annual meeting and election of officers for 2017. Stay tuned for more info.

August/September Launch Summary

CENJARS August and September 2016 Launch Report

Two launch reports in one.  August was one of the best launches we have had in a long time.  The weather was great and we had a very good turnout.  Over 60 launches so the pads were very busy.  We were also treated to some rocket and star cookies provided by Jamie.  Yum!

Although there was a lot of interest in having a club picnic, we had too many conflicts with our time.  It seems that is the norm for any organization these days.  We will try again next year, perhaps a different format.  But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

September brought us the ‘urricane that ‘ardly ever ‘appened.  We postponed due to the weather reports of high winds.  The next week when we the reports looked better, we had the high winds.  Fortunately, by the time we were setup, they had died down enough that we could get a few launches in.

5 – A motors

11 – B motors  

5 – C motors

2 – D motors

0 – E motors

1 – F motor

October will bring us the spot landing challenge.  Rules for this will be out shortly.  The prize is a mid-power Estes kit.


November will be our annual meeting and election of officers for 2017.  Stay tuned for more info.

January 2016 Launch Report and Officer Election

CENJARS January 2016 Launch Report

Happy New Year!
Considering it was January, the weather wasn’t too bad for our launch. A little on the cool side, but the winds made it feel even colder. It could have been a lot worse.
3 – A motors
10 – B motors
3 – C motors
2 – D motor
The biggest newsworthy story of the launch was the corrosion building up on the launch controller alligator clips creating continuity issues. It is a maintenance job that Charlie and Brian will be working on. After we cleaned up the clips as a temporary solution, we were able to get a higher percentage of reliable launches in. Kudos to Brian for pulling the battery out of his car in case our battery was part of the problem.
Charlie brought a new rocket that everyone was anxious to see fly. It’s almost 8 feet tall and is powered by a cluster of 3 C, D, or E motors. Unfortunately, Charlie wasn’t willing to risk trying to light 3 motors as once with the launch continuity issues that we were having. The winds were building up as the day wore on, so that was a factor as well. He will try again in February.
Speaking of February, our next launch is scheduled for February 7th, just a week away from Valentine’s Day. Since flying a heart shaped rocket might be a little difficult, fly a red rocket, bring your soul mate, or both.
Also, starting in February, we will set out a target to practice for a spot landing competition. We will have this practice every month until the big competition. The date for that is to be determined but rumor has it that the prize will be an Estes mid-power Pro-Series II kit or something like it. Details to follow.

Also the following people were elected to the CENJARS executive board for 2016 at the annual meeting:
President – Charlie Kirlew
Vice President – Jim Zindle
Secretary – Antwone Freeman
Treasurer – Mike Centrella