CENJARS Officers

Central New Jersey Area Rocketry Society Officers

Brian Schenkenberger
Brian Schenkenberger President
Brian studied Electronics Engineering (undergaduate and graduate). He's both a NAR and Tripoli member, and he is Level 2 high power rocketry certified.
Jimmy Zindle
James Zindle Vice-President
Eric Becher
Eric Becher Secretary
Eric is a retired Merchant Marine Captain. For questions about membership, contact him through the website or see him at most launches.
Tom Brieva
Tom Brieva Treasurer
Tom is a chemical engineer developing T cells that fight cancer. He and his boys Mark and Anthony became hooked on low power rockets when CENJARS visited a scouting event.
Charlie Kirlew
Charles Kirlew Equipment Manager
President Emeritus
Charlie, club's president for many years, provides the section's launch equipment transportation and management.
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter Launch Catering
Hannibal is a gourmand providing launch site commestibles served with fava beans and fine Chianti.
Portrait Missing
Michael Centrella Section Founder
Dave Stratham
Dave Statham Section Founder