October 2017 launch report

CENJARS October 2017 Launch Report

Another wonderful day for launching rockets. The winds were a little fluky in the beginning but settled down as the day wore on.

We had a visit from a Webelos den to launch their rockets. Most of those flow on A motors, but a few were bold and flew on Bs or even C motors. That’s how good the winds were.

Our regular fliers were bold also and flew some F and G motors. Unfortunately, it looks like we lost at least one rocket as it flew out of the area.

Since this is October, we had out Halloween theme going. Brian flew a skeleton rocket fairly successfully. Charlie tried one as well but needs to go back to the drawing board. Charlie also offered a “Before and After” contest with a witch’s hat rocket. That one needs to go back to the drawing board as well. The results of the contest were 12 ”Before” pumpkins attached and 4 “After”. The winner was Grant who guessed 13 and 6 for a total of 3 off. He won a coveted Lemon Drop rocket “kit”

We had a total of 51 flights and burned 53 motors!

15 – A motors
12 – B motors
20 – C motors
0 – D motors
0 – E motors
4 – F motor
2 – G motors

Our next launch is scheduled for the fifth of November. We will be having our annual meeting and election of officers. The launch theme will be Thanksgiving. Will Charlie have a reconfigured pumpkin rocket? Details to follow.

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