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FS Out of print kits

Hi, I have the following kits for sale, I have too many. Yes, it’s true

I'm posting here before the open market

lmk if interested

estes interceptor E, sealed $120

( I converted mine to 29mm and recently flew on a E30)

estes #2064 pro series impulse, 2 motor cluster $175. Open box but complete

estes #2019 titan IIIE, shrink wrapped, I opened box to confirm complete $225

estes # 2166 maxi honest John open box but complete $175

mega der red max clone, 4” dia vanderburn $150 ( flown many times,F, G motors)

estes #2048 Saturn 1b sealed $100

estes #1473 Sabre starter set, sealed $70

estes #2149 seahawk, sealed

estes #2142 R2D2 sealed $35

heller/ bobcat plastic model ariane, open box, sealed bags, complete $40

max number of pixs, can send more



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AdminEric Becher

That Titan IIIE looks like fun.  I'd only hope that the crushed box doesn't mean there's damaged contents.  Let me know the $$$.

As for the Interceptor E, I have two in boxes.  I plan to build one one of these days to replace the one that had its butthole land in the pond across the road.  The little bit of water that got in it swelled the motor and it won't come out without peeling it.

BTW, you lie!  You can never have too many! 🤭


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If I bought any more rockets, my wife would say I have too many and make me sell some. 😒

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Titan IIE damaged box is only in the box. It was sealed and I opened to inspect parts

How much for the Titan IIIE?


Here’s another from my attic. Sealed. Shrink wrap is disintegrating


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Quote from Eric Becher on December 27, 2022, 6:34 pm

If I bought any more rockets, my wife would say I have too many and make me sell some. 😒

She has far more Christmas village set than you have rockets! 😉  Hold out; play hardball.


I can't argue with that logic. 🤔

"Jo Ann! The CENJARS President says I need to buy more rockets!!"

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