CENJARS November 2021 launch report

CENJARS November 2021 Launch Report

The winds were gentle and not too cool for our November launch. We were able to stay somewhat near the parking lot. This was very helpful since we also had our annual meeting.

We had a total of 45 flights and burned 48 motors. Most of the rockets stayed in the field although Franz had one go to the far very tall trees. I am happy to report that it was recovered a week later. One of the launches was a drag race between Eric and Joe. There were many discussions and evidence and sworn statements about who won the race. I am staying out of this except to say the rules should be agreed upon beforehand. This may be an ongoing rivalry.

The annual meeting gave us a brief “state of the club”. We’re doing fine and we had a great year. We are doing well financially, too. We have some new officers for 2022. Charlie finally stepped down as President. Brian will be taking his place. Jim and Tom remain as Vice President and Treasurer. Eric is joining us as Secretary. Although Charlie has stepped down as President, he is still taking on the job of equipment manager for now.

Charlie was very appreciative of the many kind words, And everyone was appreciative of the wonderful cake to celebrate the many years that he has served the club.

Here are the motor totals:

9 – A motors
13 – B motors
11 – C motors
9 – D motors
5 – E motors
1 – F motor

Our next launch is scheduled for December 5th. We will be celebrating any holiday you want.

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