CENJARS May 2022 launch


It’s time once again for our monthly pilgrimage to the Wall High School Athletic Complex to collectively poke holes in the sky — CENJARS Rocket Launch Sunday, May 1, 2022 is a go. The weather forecast, while still not ideal, should be amenable to our lofty quest. The day should see moderate temperatures and a relatively clear sky. The only concern is the shifting winds through out the period we will be occupying the fields. (See: https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/wall_township)

This month we have May Day, Cinco de Mayo (perhaps, launch a taco or an enchilada), Mother’s Day, Memorial Day (late May but still May) and that other silly nonsense on the 4th. Take your pick for a themed flight.

Charlie now has the “repaired” Pratt launch controller for this launch. New sockets, new 3D printed rear apron for the sockets, and ultra-bright LED. I’d printed and attached labels — 7 through 12 — but I’ll have new larger ones to replace those.

Also, after a stupid mishap wiping out everything done to date, my son Kevin is restoring his demo for a new CENJARS web site. I hope to be able to give you all a URL on Sunday so that you can see where this is going and get your input and feedback. This new site has two things I’ve wished we’d had for a long time — a calendar and a forum. It’s also cognizant of mobile devices — phones and tablets — as well as web browsers which will make the site much more user friendly.

Bring your rockets, your motors, your family, your friends and yourselves, and make this a great and successful launch.

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