CENJARS March 2021 launch report

CENJARS March 2021 Launch Report

Spring was somewhat in the air on Sunday, March 7th when CENJARS members gathered for our last official launch of the winter. February’s snow and ice had melted and the freezing temperatures had subsided leaving us a slightly chilly but sunny afternoon for launching.

Winds for the afternoon were gusty, but as usual, CENJARS rocketeers were unfazed. Many brought out their favorite windy day “odd-rocs”, unusually shaped and constructed rockets that generally don’t require a parachute for recovery and typically land close to the pad. Charlie tried to coax an early spring by launching his green Planet Probe dubbed “Spring” on a C6-5. He also launched two more of his odd-rocs- a Snitch saucer, and a Hex-3, an origami style folded card stock rocket, both on C6-5s. Logan, Evelyn, and Augie also launched a trio of folded card stock rockets, flying saucers powered by A10-PTs. Tom got “oohs and aahs” from everyone when he flew his Rocketarium Terraformer on a D12-7. This rocket spins on the way up, then turns over after reaching apogee and spins on the way down to a gentle landing! The most powerful odd-roc flight of the day was by Jenny; she made a ton of noise with her LOC Precision Cool Spool on an Aerotech G77 Redline!

Keeping with the March/Spring theme, Eric made sure to give a tip of the cap to St. Patrick’s day by launching his Luck of the Irish rocket twice, once on a B6-4 and then on a C6-5. Eric also flew a beautiful model called Snarky on a D12-5. Jim treated us to a dramatic slow and smokey liftoff with his Mega Mosquito on a D12-3.

A lot of testing also took place at this month’s launch. Franz tried out a new dual deploy system in his modified Star Orbiter flying on an F67. Although the rocket suffered a shock cord separation, the upper half did execute it’s dual deploy function perfectly. Upon inspecting the rocket after flight, it appeared that the kevlar cord ripped through the card stock centering ring on the motor mount. An upgrade to plywood centering rings may be in this rocket’s future! The “Rocket Girls” TARC team also joined us to make some test flights. After their first flight went squirrely, they worked with Charlie to make some adjustments and had great results. Their second flight on an F20 flew straight and true, in fact, it went too high! Hopefully they will be able to use the data they gathered to dial in the flight profile perfectly- good luck!

In all, there were 41 flights at this month’s launch and we burned 44 motors. Here’s the breakdown:

A- 13
B- 4
C- 13
D- 8
E- 2
F- 3
G- 1

Lastly, here are few reminders for upcoming launches:
– Due to the Easter holiday being on the first Sunday in April, our launch will be the second Sunday, 4/11.

– On 4/11 we will be having an egg lofting contest! Details will be provided soon, but any egg lofting rocket kit will work. I recommend picking up an Estes Space Crater if you’re looking for a quick build- no painting required!

– In May we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s historic flight by launching as many Mercury Redstones as possible! If you’ve got one in the build pile, now’s the time!

John Falcone

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