CENJARS June Launch Report

CENJARS June 2017 Launch Report

What started as a beautiful bright sunshiny day, turned cloudy and a little cool as the day wore on. Not to be deterred, a lot of people showed up, both old friends and new faces that are now friends. We had a total of 44 flights and a total of 46 motors.

7 – A motors
10 – B motors
21 – C motors
5 – D motors
1 – E motors
2 – F motor

A few rockets went into the brush but most of them were recovered. We did have one that went into the clouds and never came out. At least we didn’t see it.

A few of the launches honored Mothers, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Fathers.

Congratulations to Charlie for passing his written test for his Level 2 certification. Thanks to Jim Z for proctoring the test. Best wishes for the practical part.

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