CENJARS July 2021 launch 7/11

Hello Rocketeers,

This Sunday is our July launch. The weather reports are a little iffy, but we are hoping for the best. We will be holding 2 special events. The first one is the delayed Drag Race contest. I will be drag racing 2 of my rockets. You will have to predict the winner based on standard drag race scoring.

A drag race is a 3 point contest. One point is awarded for each of these flight events:

One point for the first entry to achieve first motion;
One point for the entry achieving the lower altitude; and
One point for the entry that touches the ground last. If the entry separates into two or more pieces, the first piece to touch the ground is counted.

For example, you might pick rocket A to launch first and touch the ground last. So the scoring would be “Rocket A 1,0,1 and rocket B 0,1,0. I hope that is simple enough. One entry per club member. Yes, you can pay your dues before the launch.

But how will you know which is rocket A and which is B? There will be a random secret selection after all contest entries are received. We plan to have the contest launch by 2:30 in the afternoon. Entries should be in by 2:00 pm. I will have entry cards for you to fill in. If there is a tie, we will draw one winning entry from a hat, or other suitable container.

Such a great contest deserves a great prize and that is an Aerotech ARCAS kit still in the box. This is a mid-power rocket that was donated to the club. We may even have a second place prize.

This will be the first flight for both rockets and both will launch on a C motor. If one rocket fails to launch for whatever reason, we will make a decision about trying a second launch. Lots of “ifs” with this contest.

The second event will be a garage sale. I have accumulated a number of donations to the club and it’s time to move them on to new home. All club owned items will be “best offer” as in make me an offer and I will accept it. If you have some items that you want to move on to its next home, you are free to join in. You set your own price for any items. Anything you bring has to go to someone else or go back home with you. NO DONATIONS TO THE CLUB!

Looking to the future, next month will be our annual picnic. Comments and requests for food items are welcome.

Happy flying,


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