CENJARS July 2018 launch report

CENJARS July 2018 Launch Report
Our monthly launch was held July 1st. Though hot, it was a gorgeous day which has been hard to come by on planned launch days in 2018. We had many rocketeers eager to get back to flying after our May and June launches were cancelled due to bad weather.
It was great to have so many families join us, including 3 generations of rocketeers. We had one rocket that tried to make a dent in the parking lot. It lost the battle. We also had one get stuck on the wires. Otherwise, all other rockets made it back home.
This month we had 75 flights with 80 motors including multi-stage and cluster rockets. A record number of launches in recent years. Totals by motors are below:

14 – A motors
19 – B motors
27 – C motors
10 – D motors
6 – E motors
2 – F motor
2 – G motors

Join us on August 5th for our next club launch and annual picnic!

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