CENJARS February 2020 launch

Hello Rocketeers,
It’s time for our February launch and the weather reports are improving. It may be a tad on the windy side, but we should be setup near the parking lot and have full use of the field. 

Since it’s February, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Bring your soulmate, fly a red rocket, or if you want to tempt fate, fly a Super Bowl themed rocket. We will have you home before the pre-game show.

As you have probably read, there have been some issues with homemade or school made rockets. While we encourage everyone to be creative, all non-kit rockets will have to be checked by the RSO team. This will include any modified kits. I have a new rocket that I upgraded a bit. I don’t think weight will be an issue. Total impulse will be increased by a factor of 25. I hope the RSOs are lenient.

Happy flying,


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